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Is GreenScreen safe for my pets?
Yes, GreenScreen is safe to use around pets. GreenScreen is 100% organic and non-toxic. GreenScreen ingedients: proprietary mixture of bone meal, blood meal and a pepper blend. If your pet has an issue and you ned to talk with us please call 231-723-5905.

Can I use my GreenScreen product for more than one season?
For best results use entire contents of package within one year of opening. If you have product leftover store in it's airtight package in a cool dry location.

Directions for GreenScreen powder?
Sprinkle GreenScreen powder around the perimeter of the planted area and/or around the base of the plants. Apply at a rate of one [ound per 75/100 square feet. Reapply every other week until no further damage occurs. Increase rate if severe wildlife pressure exists. Do not apply GreenScreen directly on vegetation.

Directions for GreenScreen Bags?
Hang GreenScreen Bags from plants, stakes, trees or other suitable items around vegetation a maximum of two feet apart to discourage deer and wildlife browsing. If using on tall vegetation, trees or bushes hang bags one foot from the ground to discourage small animals and four feet for deer. If you continue to have wildlife damage adjust bags closer together.

Can I talk to someone about my purchase?
If you would like to speak with Customer Service, please call 231-723-5905 or email us at

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